7 February Chinese New Year celebration with snacks and your horoscope. A voluntary charge of £1 will be collected. Hosted by Andy.

14 February Valentines Day celebration. This is also a special day for two of our members celebrating 47 years together.

21 February Gay history month. LGBTQ+ history through archives: a look at some archives and their stories from Bishopsgate Institute, tracing queer history from the late 19th Century on.
The Bishopsgate Institute in London has a comprehensive collection of archival and printed material on LGBTQ+ history.
Archivist Stef Dickers will give us a fascinating and fun tour through some of the archive highlights.
Stef is the Special Collections and Archives Manager at Bishopsgate Institute.
Venue: Trinity Bar, 378-380 Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2DE

28 February Bingo with Ken

7 March Social

14 March High Five quiz hosted by Rob

21 March St Patrick’s night with snacks. A voluntary £1 charge will be collected

28 March A discussion on the way forward for our group

30 March (Thursday) Committee meeting

4 April Easter egg hunt

10 April (Easter Monday) Group outdoor event

11 April AGM